Fiverr is an online platform that was created to make it easier for people to make make money online.It is a unique program that allows people with various skills, knowledge and services to create what is called a gig and make money from delivering on what their clients ordered from their gig. what makes it unique is that all this services are for $5 dollars.

You can buy and sell on Fiverr for only $5 dollars gigs range from creating logos, graphics, editing SEO services,traffic generation,obtaining back-links and many many more gigs.Their is something you have that somebody else need and Fiverr is the solution. Their are so many people online who need these services but have no place to get a good person who offers but since the creation of this platform thousands of gigs have been listed and delivered. One might think that $5 dollars is a little money but in this case you could have 200 orders multiply that by $5 dollars and you make $1000 dollars. and the advantage of this is that it eliminates competition in a way since you will be required as a buyer to just look for one gig that you feel or has higher ratings than the rest of other people who offers the same gig.

 Fiverr works in a simple way and you can begin to start making money immediately.First you need to go to the fiverr website page and register your account for free, once your account is created you can come up with a gig think about something you can do for $5 dollars something that will not take much of your time and something that you have good knowledge about. This is why, if your gig is unique then it will be in high demand the it means that you will have many orders and that can only translate more money in your account.

After you have identified and created your gig as soon as you start receiving orders make sure you deliver the orders in time as you will be required to set the time of delivery, after it is delivered then your customers can rate your job and if you have good ratings means more jobs for you and more money.One thing i forgot to mention as you create your gig is its important to use video in your profile so that it creates a good perception to your customers and make them understand what your gig is all about.

You also need to promote your gig to bring more customers as its important because then you will increase sales. When you have done and completed a number of gigs and delivered on time you will go a level higher and now you will qualify for more expensive gigs you could get gigs for $20,$40 $50 or $100 dollars depending on your ratings and how your gig is on demand. this way you could start making more money monthly which will give you financial freedom who doesn’t want to be financially stable? working at home for a few hours a week and be able to meet most of your needs this is one of the easy ways to make money online.If their is anything that i forgot to mention you can write on the comment section then i will be able to address good-luck in creating gigs and make money online.