There are a few essential duties you need as a blogger to ensure you are doing it right and be successful, you don’t become a successful online overnight you have to work hard and ensure you make it if you don’t have time to blog then blogging is not for you, once you decide to start a blog you have decide thus you should provide time to produce quality original content consistently. 

To start producing content there are a few things you should do amongst the very important ones include planning,you have to plan what you are going to write and organize to archive your goals.Depending on your blog subject you need to do read more materials to have a good understanding of the sub topics under your blog this needs a lot of researching too for you to come up with great content and consistently.

It is advisable to create a list of the things you are going to write so as to avoid running out of ideas. The most important part of blogging is marketing your blog,In order to sell your blog you need to know your target audience and understand their needs. By doing this you are able to know what your readers want to know and provide the information through your blog content.

 Marketing your blog will take more time as its not a walk in the park, this will take more of your time but eventually it will start to pay off if done consistently, this is done through blog commenting, creating quality back links mainly focus on .Gov and .Edu sites as these produce quality links to your sites and posting consistently.

You can also pay freelance writers to write for you, invite other bloggers to write on your blog and look for advertisers to promote your blog. It is also good to analyze you blog to know the progress of your blog success through the traffic to your site revenue created from the blog the way public relate to your site, this will help you determine the way your blog is taking whether to success or failing.