We all probably know what Affiliate marketing is and for those who don’t understand this means referring people to a product and if they make a purchase using the link that you referred to them you are given a commission based on the product. Different marketing sites have different ways of referral marketing so its basically depends on the specific company and the product it offers.

There are mainly two types of Affiliate  marketing one is where the you only get commissions from the person you referred even if they end up being Affiliates who refer others those will not convert commissions for you this is commonly known as single-tier.

The other form is muilti-tier this is where if you refer one person then end up introducing other people you still get commissions from them and all their activities as additional income streams.Its the most recommended since you will earn commissions forever if you have active referrals under you.

 Beginners have difficulties in converting sales simply because they don’t understand the way the system works,its very important to know what you are supposed to be doing to make money and then it will become easier to make sales and earn an income from it.Some of the ways to increase sales may include; Advertise your links to a site in this way many people will visit the affiliate company through your link and it will help you to make more sales because most people will visit the site through your links. Another effective way to make sales is to replace the product link of a specific product with your link this will help potential buyers to click the specific product which will then convert to sales quite easily. One can easily sale whenever you identify a specific sites about a specific product and refer people using your own links. Personal recommendation is another good way to promote your links for instance in a blog you could give a product and review it then the links to the product will convert sales or maybe send traffic to the site through your link and could make another purchase and not necessarily the product you recommended.this will take time but once people trust your links you could make a lot of sales in the long run.