Very many people visit YouTube to get information and for entertainment purposes,well you could also make money on YouTube very easily all you need to do is create your own channel on a topic that you are passionate about and start recording videos for posting.

The first thing you need to do is to create your own channel, To get started you need to have a G mail account or a Google account this will help in the creation of your account where you can open your account it could be personal or a business YouTube channel where you will be now able to subscribe to another channel,like other content and also leave a comment on a video that you like.

 The second objective now that you already have a YouTube account you know need to provide a great original series of content that will attract more viewers to your channel.Its important to note that when you create a channel on a topic you are passionate about it will make your work easier as you will have a good knowledge on what you are supposed to create record and share to your viewers.

 Its very important to build a subscriber base these are your biggest fans and you need to keep them coming back to your channel this will ensure you have viewers to your site since the more viewers you have subscribed to your channel the more you grow in the YouTube industry and you make more money. Another important objective is to optimize your channel, your videos should be creative,insightful and target your audience.This is achieved by understanding how viewers subscribe and how they easily find your channel and being able to direct them to your channel to make the most out o YouTube.

 To make money from your YouTube channel you need to monetize your channel so that advertisers can put there adverts on your channel but first you need to ensure you have all the rights to the content that is provided in your channel in order to commercialize your channel then you are good to start making money on YouTube.

 Lastly getting payed by your YouTube channel you need to apply for an Ad sense account this is a free way to display targeted advertisement to your videos.after successfully linking your YouTube channel top Adsense you can receive payment from your viewers remember viewers are the ones making money for you the more viewers you have to your channel the more money you will make.