Guest posting is as simple as the title describes which means writing articles for other blogs for a fee or for purposes of linking your blog to already well established blogs.By doing this you are introducing your readership to a new audience which will work in favor of your blog and as well as the other blog which you have written an article for.
This idea of guest posting helps you to grow your credibility since it is someone else mostly an established blogger who is actually endorsing or acknowledging your work. The main catch here is generating traffic for you site, it is one of the oldest methods but relatively quite effective, lets say visitors in the blog you have participated  in a a guest writer has over 40,000 views what this means is most of these readers will also visit your site simply because you are the writer of the article and would want to know more about your own articles.

It is advisable to begin writing guest post with the people who are at your level in growing as bloggers because all of you want to grow audiences  which will be easier to write guest post unlike writing a guest post to one of the top blogs.There is no restriction though if you can write a very good piece of work you can grow your reputation immediately by approaching well known bloggers to write on their blogs.

As you approach someone to write on their blog you have to be humble and polite exercise decorum make sure your article is perfectly written avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors as it will dent your reputation and you will not be considered if you are careless with your work it has to be captivating to the readers so your first impression matters,Treat them like you will treat the most beautiful girl that you wouldn’t want to lose, Be professional when approaching to get that opportunity.

You have to find out first if it pays to write an article on that blog if it does then its well and good but remember your intention here is to get traffic,as a business minded person you have to get a good bargain so you take the link which will earn you more money overtime unlike getting paid a little amount one time fee for your article but unless you don’t want traffic then you can ask for payment for your services.

The article you want to write has to be something you are awesome at or have good research on the topic you cant afford to experiment on someones blog it has to be your very best work or the best that you can ever write.Don’t give everything  you know leave the reader to want to link back to your account for more info thus you have to come up with your best bio at the end of the article so that readers will click back to your blog. Finally its good to inform your readers about the post maybe by posting it on social media and write back to the owner of the blog and appreciate the efforts he/she took to go through it and post it to his readers then sit back and watch your audience grow as well as your blog in the search engines.