Search engine optimization is the process of making your blog get easily ranked on various search engines. The higher your site is ranked in the search engine the more your site gets traffic and exposure there by directing many visitors to your site.

Search engine optimization is a subject in blogging that changes every now and then, their are acceptable rules of search engine optimization and there are methods which are not acceptable and if used may end up making your site rank low.

Back links is very important to your site s this are site which link back to your site from other sites which are often referred as inbound links, if you get a link from a very well known site it actually informing other readers that you have a great content on your site just like you would refer someone to a good store for specific quality of products.

This will get your site ranked higher the more links directing to your site the more your site is will get traffic.It is a key role to build links to your site,it will not take you over night but with steady link building overtime your site will rank higher and continue to grow.However, more content originality and consistent content on your site will also increase your search engine optimization,If this is difficult to do you may higher a professional with good reputation to do the job for you but it has to follow with the terms of service of search engine optimization.

Another important area to look at is the structure of your site, It has to be in a manner that one can easily look for something in your site without difficulties.Titles in your site will matter a lot as your titles will be what drives visitors to your site,let you titles describe your content clearly and precise as this helps your site in branding of its content and increase your ranking in the search engines.

When writing a content make sure what you want to be searched is prominent in your content but avoid using  it haphazardly not to make  it look monotonous. Your language will matter since people who have mastered their language well are bound to elaborate their main points as good language and titles will guide readers in what they expect from your content.

Using images is not normally used by many bloggers   but it is also a very good tool to increase your search engine optimization as many readers use images to search for content this could work your way and increase your ranking.The way you add links to your site also is critical be professional when linking whether its your site or other sites create links which will be easily searched.This are some of the few ways that will help you rank your site higher in search engines and increase your traffic.