Graphic design is one of many ways one can make a living online comfortably working at home.There are those people who have great and creative skills on designing either from Photoshop or image editing software these are skills that can make you a fortune.Graphic design covers a wide range of disciplines, you need to learn graphical design and its mechanics and be a professional as it is highly valued in this digital generation,the demand in this profession is huge and could be your journey to financial freedom first you need to be skillful  and unique in your work.

It is important to focus on a given style and skill that people can identify with you as your personal style and not just involving yourself with simple cropping resizing and editing but it forms a basis to come up with a great master piece of work that one can appreciate.

Graphic design can be applied in many fields from developing a website to publishing articles and to where the money is like on printed ads and billboards for both small and medium companies for purposes of promoting their products, you can charge good money for this work but you have to have that unique style of doing your work which comes hand in hand with originality.

Since its a  business in itself you need to have a great imagination creativity and skills as it will require you to create from scratch to something that you client can visualize as what he had imagined before you even start your work, its also important to learn from others share ideas as it helps broaden you imaginations. You can  venture into physical media and be able to translate to digital by high definition photography and scanning,Begin to market your work online by designing business logos, business cards, fliers brochures, events, festivals one can also create background images for business with Facebook accounts and twitter ,be ready to accept criticism and move on approach small business online and offline as many business are thinking of closing down their stores for online.

 There is a huge market for Graphic design learn more about copyright and intellectual property so as not to infringe on the rights of others as well as your own rights. Keep learning trending features of graphic design and make money online as a graphic designer.