Marketing is a fundamental process that one should focus in order to start making profits on their profits or as an affiliate marketer.without marketing your products you wont make much out of the products that you sell.However, marketing is quite expensive process but there are a few ways which are quite effective if you decide to put effort and consistency. As a small business owner you must put in extra work to attract customers to your products to increase sales.

Most small business owners have little cash to spend  thus ignoring this fundamental marketing technique, in this article i will focus on a few low cost marketing strategies that will improve your earnings and make you huge profits.

The most common low cost and quite effective is to go out and approach other retail store owners who have some space on their shops and ask to pay a few bucks for the space to place your products this method is quite effective as it works for both ways since the owner makes cash  and you display your goods to be seen to many people in the public.

Another important way and simple to promote your product is offering your products at a discount for a limited period of time for example it could be a day or a weekend  this will make your prospect customers have the urgency to visit your store or site and make purchases improving your sale.

Making more friends is a simple way to promote your products to improve your sales, this is by word of mouth the more friends you make and let them know about your products will help you in referring others to buy your products this  will take time but its very effective since they actually endorse your products over others.

Previous customers are your most likely customers to sell to, you must keep contacts with all your customers so that when you have new trending products you can always contact your past customers and let them know about your new products.
Offer to start some form of classe
s, seminars or workshop  and charge a small fee as this will target serious people and those who pay for the classes will expect value for their money so these individuals who will attend are your possible referrals or customers, this will improve your sales and those attendants will tell their friends through word of mouth and this will eventually generate sales for you.

Social media is another low cost marketing tool that will help you generate more sales and referrals.Always target your your audience to avoid wasting time on marketing.