As an affiliate  the first and last objective is to put advertising  over and over to make sales of whatever it is that you are promoting. To do this and make sales through your advertising you have to plan your goals,identify your target audience, decide on the marketing sites you want to use, have a good knowledge about how much you will spend.

Affiliate advertising is very delicate you need to put your adverting the the websites that actually promote products that are related to your own.this is important because you cannot sell shoes inside a restaurant but you can sell items that are related to the restaurant business.Most people have their preference on almost everything,people go to shop for an item at a specific place and if you are selling a shoe advertise where people are looking for shoes.This will help you to lower cost of advertising as you have a specific target audience.

Operate like an large organization let people know where to find various information with ease about the product you sell as a customer i would want to walk into a mall and be able to know where the bank, supermarket,shoe store,barber shop and if am not sure i would expect a customer care to ask the same way you would operate a blog, website landing page etc, provide a form of contact to help your customers ask questions that they may wish about your products are products you are promoting.

To diversify your business for a big audience you may opt to advertise your affiliate products in e-commerce sites this will get your products viewed by many customers hence a higher chances of customers making purchases and increasing your sales.

Building links that point back to your product is very important as it will  direct most buyers to your product and they will know where to find specific products and will keep coming more often to find what new, this works well when you are using a blog or article marketing and its quite effective as an affiliate marketer.