In this digital age having a website or a blog that will increase your revenue and sales is very important as the rate at which people use and depend on their smartphone is always on the increase and as business owners this is the trend they are using to reach their customers, so how do you market your site.
It is necessary to have your marketing plan for your site or blog.This will take a lot of efforts to achieve your goals over time.

One important way to market your site is by starting a subscription based newsletter or articles which could be daily, weekly or monthly,their are programs which will help you do this such as AWeber which can allow you to schedule your newsletters, but make sure they are short and simple,bring out points clearly mainly how to and tips form of newsletters,

When using print media such as fliers,brochures and banners for both online and offline its important to put the link to your site as it will help people find out more when they visit your site and this is how people will get to visit your site.

Use your site to contact your previous customers to make them know the transition and sell your uniqueness in what you are offering from other sites with similar interests as yours.

It is also important to put your signatures in your emails so that when you contact your prospective buyers they can visit your site to browse through and see what you offer them, you can always build site maps even though your site is already on the search engines.

Use social networking sites to market your sites both offline and online and always update your newsletters this methods if put to use will increase the readership on your site and will increase revenue by increasing sales. always check for emerging trends in marketing your site.