Blogging is a way of life many will say, some say its a passion,some say its something that just come naturally but in this world everything that happens has someones plan execution and implementation, Many bloggers start their dreams blogging but quit just as they understand what it takes to become a good blogger.One key role as a blogger is to come up with original content to put on your blog consistently and many quit because they perceive it to be cumbersome, this mainly arise because you have a puzzle where you cant solve without a missing piece and that missing piece to solve the puzzle of generating original blog content consistently is the skill you will learn here.

  The first skill to use to generate blog topic ideas is to write down the blogs that you publish, when you write down blog that you publish you will be creating a list of posts that you will not need again to avoid re writing topics that are already on your blog.It is also advisable to start writing down a list of blogs that you will write in the near future as this will help you not to run out of ideas to post.

The second skill to do is research on the niche that you are writing about, there are numerous content in libraries  that haven’t been written online that is why you need to read a lot of materials  to come up with ideas and topics of what to write about in your blog.This is not hard to do if you are a blogger if its what you want to do then you will create time to do research.

Scheduling posts is a very important aspect in generating topic ideas for your blog since if you already know that you are going to write about walking a dog on Monday and its the weekend you can focus on that topic throughout the weekend to come up with great content that you will post on Monday, and it will be quite easy that deciding a topic in a day and coming up with content on the same day.

Another way is to ask your self what your target audience will want to know about and this will help you with some insight on what topic to write about, that is what you will write to feed your audience about.However,there are more ways to check back for updated ways to generate topics for your blog,with these skills in use you will eventually become good at coming up with great topics and a successful blogger.