Affiliate referrals are the people your you refer to be affiliates or purchase from the affiliate program you are signed up to.Affiliate programs mostly have two kinds of affiliate marketing which is selling companies product or referring other affiliates who will do this work for you, when you refer people to make purchases you get commissions but these commissions tend to be more when you refer other people to be in your down line as you earn from all their activities on the programs. Different programs offer different percentages but if you choose a good affiliate program you will earn good income.

So why Affiliate referrals and not just refer people for purchases? As an affiliate marketer you will always come across things such as ‘the money is in the list’ the list in this case refers to those people that are signed under your referral links.The affiliate under you is known as permanent referral this is because they signed under you and just like you they will refer other affiliates or refer people to make purchases on the program, People are good at what they love doing so you will have referrals that are good at selling and those that are good at referring other affiliates .

Affiliate referrals will make money for you always but if you refer a customer to buy a product he/she may make a one time purchase not to say your affiliates under you will not make one time purchases that’s why  you will have to target your affiliates and after they have signed up under you  you ought to follow up and bring them upto speed to make them understand how the system works so as not to have difficulties and decide to quit the program thereafter.

The reason as to why the term ‘list’ is used means that it refers to a number of people the more the affiliates you have in your downline the more better off you are as an affiliate marketer. this is because some will become very active and some will quit hence you shouldn’t quit. You will be provided with all the resources and experts who have done it before,how the did it, the methods they used and strategies. Most importantly all the work is done for you and you need less than five hours a day to be successful as an affiliate marketer.
Start referring many affiliates and make them active by offering good leadership and be successful.