Information product is simply the creation of a piece or an item that contains some form of information about something for customers or rather individuals who may need such information for their own use.Information product is in three forms which include text, audio and video.

Text form of information product is mainly in the form of e-book, this is coming up with information about a product based on your own understanding and putting it into digital paper for purpose of selling to interested parties.

Audio is another form of information product, audio is preferred for many reasons first it catches the attention of the client interested in the information on your product it also works better for people who are not confident of their appearance, information provided as audio will be more preferable to text as on can explain on the information an bring out important points which wouldn’t have otherwise been expressed clearly in form of writing.

Video is the most efficient information product as it provides value as perceived by the viewer of that information, it also provides quality of the information  remember you can make a video of your text and audio and marge into one video format of information product  where in the video you can illustrate or otherwise show an example even performing an experiment for your intended target niche.

The most important process of making money from your information product is marketing your product this will need you to have a unique strategy  that works  and converts your work to money since there are many ways of coming up with information but the skill here is to make money from your work thus you need to do lots of marketing to get your product known out there and to many people who are interested with your information, make it easy for that customer to find your product by checking the latest trends of selling information product.