One can make surprisingly a lot of money conducting interviews and selling them to prospective buyers mostly media personalities or journalist and people interested in those interviews. However, you ca not just interview every other person you come across, well you could but the interview wont sell so its advisable to conduct your interviews on public figures,executives,celebrities and very successful people.

Interviews sell because people want to know views of particular topics, how some individuals became successful, how people think, how they are involved with other people, for purposes of doing research,or just to provide information or views on a specific subject.

This interviews can be conducted in many ways, one can prepare questions for their interviewees in advance inform of a questionnaire, One can also conduct interviews through phone calls or sending emails to the people you want to interview and let them answer in their own time so as to elucidate on the topics asked in the questionnaire.

Another way to conduct interviews is by talking to the person one on one as this will help you gauge the mood of the person to avoid upsetting them as they might become dishonest or even cancel the interview,
most interviews should be easy to conduct as many famous people are proud and want people to know about them. It could also be hard to conduct an interview you will need to have a contact list then send a brief professional email to the people or companies you want to interview and let then know about the interview and how it will be published then wait to see if they are willing to be interviewed.

After you have done the interview its of great importance to appreciate the interviewees and let them know how grateful you are for them taking the interviews to build a  rapport so as to get a chance next time, with good reputation publishers will come to you and ask you to conduct interviews for them this only means big bucks for you, start a list today and start selling interviews.