I wrote an blog about information product  where i illustrated how to create an original piece and sell it
in form of text, audio to video.In this article i will show you how you can make money from transcribing from audio and video to text format. This process of transcribing helps those who have auditory problems and visual impaired. These individuals have difficulties in understanding a content but when its transcribed in the form that they can comprehend they will fully participate and share their ideas or help others deduce important information.

Transcribing can be a good source of making money not just from your own work but you can offer these services to other  people who want to have their work transcribed but are not willing to do it for various understandable reasons.It is also important as it is easy and it only provides that one pays little attention to the media and also improves ones typing skills.

The process of transcribing information product  from audio and video to text format is easy way to make some money online working at the comfort of your home since all you need is a computer a working internet connection and speakers or headsets. After this you search for companies that provide transcription offers and pay well for your services this are those that are trusted online.

From a variety of jobs online choose that which you are comfortable or have good knowledge about some say passion but you can do anything if you put your head to it, these are skills you grasp with time and become a processional in your area of work. always be a good listener, research and have the ability to comprehend what is provided in the media.

Different companies offer different amount for your work but i assure you you can make a living from the comfort of your home without having to have another job but transcribing for others and get paid for your work building a good reputation will get you more work and trusted online by companies thus make a successful career making money transcribing media online.