Many bloggers out there depend on traffic to survive online, traffic is source of your blog to get visitors and blog commenting is one of the best ways to bring traffic to your site when done properly. Blog commenting is what makes a site interactive and social which is key to a successful blog.

Blog commenting is very useful since whenever you encourage people to interact with each other they build a reputation on your blog and by doing this you earn more visitors to your blog or site, This idea works in both ways in as its focuses on comments in your blog as well as other blogs.

Being an owner of a site to encourage interaction you need to make your readers active by allowing them  to comment on your blog,one may ask readers about their opinion or additional information,replying to comments on your blog frequently and also commenting on other blogs which leads us to how to write comments on a blog that generates traffic for you.

First identify blogs related to your niche and add the ones that allow commenting on your list then whenever there a post is written or otherwise already written post read through the blog and see what the blogger might have left out or something you need to correct or just an additional information.This will help you to write great content that will pull readers to your site, avoid short message or congratulating a blogger for a post that wont earn you traffic.

Always identify blogs that have few comments since you get noticed if your blog comment is among the first comments since many people only read comments at the top, this is very important as it will get you high chances of people actually clicking on your link and want to learn more about your opinions, If people like your ideas they can then link back to your blog which will earn you traffic.

Blog commenting can bring thousands of visitors to your site frequently and grow your blog, leave a comment if their is wrong information or you want to add on valuable points i left out or check back for more updates later.