Many newbie bloggers have a problem coming up with effective keyword strategy to write and use keywords that will be used in helping their blogs become successful.Most bloggers only think using keywords related to the theme of their business is enough. This is not the case as newbie bloggers might think with every post on your blog keyword strategy is essential and one needs to plan before using the keywords on your site.

Before using a particular keyword you need to come up with phrases and do a little research on your competitors blogs and see what phrases they use then test a few keywords on search engines see what results come up and take your preferred keywords plan how to use them in your site.

There are ways you can use these words in your blogs and site to make your site have an impact and  fight your competitors which will make you  build a successful blog and great traffic based on your planed keyword phrases.

The first place to use your keyword is the heading  your heading is what lures visitors in reading your site you have to come up with a heading that contains keywords of the main points in your posts, this will help boost your search ranking and boost traffic.

The images in your site have to be relevant to what you are wring about and also the naming has to be inline with your post as Google uses also images to search for content,this is a very good tool to drive people to get the information on your blog.

 When writing your blog the keyword you have used have to manifest itself severally in your post aleast in every paragraph , this increases the chances of your blog popping up in search engines  when one searches keywords that are related with keywords on your blog.

Linking your keywords to other  successful blogs online improves your ranking and using keyword on your URL also improves to boost traffic to your site in search engines,  in short keywords are key to your blogs growth, in addition to this feel free to add insightful points  about keyword strategy to improve traffic to blogging