When one starts a blog one key role as a blogger is to have people read your blog otherwise there is absolutely no point of blogging.To attract visitors to read your blog you need to be writing unique original content consistently, you need to understand your niche well to be able to deliver you can not sell something that has no use to someone,just like a real business you have to fulfill the demands of people.

 However,there are other ways of increasing your readership.Some of the ways that you can bring traffic to your site for beginners include some complex strategies and techniques that may seem as trial and error but eventually will bring huge traffic to your site among then are;   

SOCIAL MEDIA This is a very important tool that people are using now and its quite effective as many people nowadays are on there smartphone devices looking for information and socializing,you may be required to ask the people with huge following to help you grow your readership but if you understand how to start getting followers on your own then well and good it is a very reliable way to bring readers to your site.

 FORUMSForums are great places to get huge following to increase traffic to your site,when you begin posting in forums that are related to your niche this will help you get noticed and when you post your links on the forums this will lead people back to your site and you will get good traffic to your site.

 BLOG COMMENTINGleaving comments in other blogs provide you with a great way to bring people to read your blogs but first make sure you read the blog then you can provide a comment based on the blog either a point that was left out or more information avoid commenting on blogs just to say “nice blog” or “great blog”.  

NETWORKINGOnce you start a blog start interacting with other bloggers share ideas relate to which tools work and those that have not been tapped by doing this you will be creating and developing your profile enabling people to identify with you and share links with you. with these few tools you will begin to drive traffic to your site and your blog will become popular over time.