Every blogger online will not tire to look for ways to generate traffic to there site as you know a blog that has no traffic is as good as a dead blog. Most people online look for easy ways to create traffic like purchasing traffic from unscrupulous sellers for take advantage of naive newbies and swindle them of money with intention to drive traffic to their sites.As a newbie the most important thing to avoid is  cheap ways to generate traffic.

However, there are few trusted ways to generate enormous traffic to your site as a blogger and these are the safest ways and most efficient no matter how time consuming they are they eventually  turn to be the best methods online to generate traffic.Once these methods are used you will begin to enjoy great traffic online.

One of the best ways is to use is Keywords properly, keywords refer to to the phrases or lines that depict the main points which are being outlined in a blog, this is because when someone goes to a search engine  and look for a certain information what they type is an example of keywords. So its good to study how people would search for a certain information online and use that as your keyword, this will increase your rank in search engines and generate traffic in the long run.

The second way to generate blog traffic is by posting on your blog consistently, if you are a blogger and you post once a month then you are doing it wrong way though the frequency at which you write posts on your blog does not matter as a beginner it matters a lot as it like getting yourself noticed out there, just like a flight attendant wont remember a person who travels once a year but will notice the one who travels frequently. You need to get noticed online and that’s by posting consistently.

The third way to generate blog traffic is by building links to your site this is mainly achieved by writing quality content and consistently this will not only improve your ranking in search engines but get you noticed out there and people will link back to your site and generate traffic for your site.

The last method to generate blog traffic is by linking related blog past within your blog, this is common since in blogging almost all aspect are related and you need to help readers in your site to find related content with ease, this will help build keyword density around the points in your blog increasing your rank in search engine and generating more traffic to your site. use this method and you will get more visitors to your site, if you have any suggestion please feel free to comment or ask i will be grateful.