Email  Marketing is one of the best marketing tools that is available for many business, Some people say since the introduction of social media sites the use of email to market business was over but this is not true, with an elaborate email marketing strategy you can actually market your business.

Take a look at most businesses online be it blogs website and even download programs all these have something similar and that is an email subscription, now why is this so? its because email marketing is not dead and its still very effective way to market your business and products.

Unlike social media and not to discredit social media it still has its benefits though email marketing enjoys some advantage since when subscribers opt in they have good chances of opening your email but in social media updates just flow in the news feed and not everyone may have a chance to see and actually click on it.

When you build a good relationship with your subscribers they will trust you and the information you send to their email will not be spam and based on your trust these are prospective customers towards your business success.

Email marketing is flexible as it can be used for almost any kind of business and has absolutely minimal risk compared to other marketing campaigns that charge a lot but have unreliable leads.Requires little time once you build a good list.

To use email marketing one has to have a list,so the first step is to build a good list this will be through creation of good content, advertising, seminars and through your blogs website then come up with convincing messages and great content to make your readers open your message and read your content,if people are interested they will refer other people and your business will grow so will your subscribers and success will follow, feel free to give your opinion and if you like this article kindly share good luck in marketing your business.