As a newbie blogger you probably learn how to set up your blog and begin to write your post but there are very crucial information you need to learn before you begin writing posts.Without these settings you would think you are okay but you might have held yourself back from your success.

When you log in to your blogger account an your menu you will have a dashboard click on your dashboard to take you to a page such as the one on this post, you will be able to see more icons beginning from overview,posts,pages,comments and then almost at the end there is is settings icon click on it and it will show the information on the right.

This information is very important as its the basis of your blog, this settings are key to your blog as follows,

This is where you will enter your blog title and if you wish to change this is where you will edit to whatever title you want to blog about.
This is where you will need to write a brief subheading as an explanation of what your blog is going to focus on.
This setting are at all times supposed to be set on yes option because thats the only way your blog is going to be listed on search engines so that readers can find your blog.
This contains you blog address and normally you have an option to edit and to add a third party URL for your blog.
This area contains blog author which is you as an administrator where you can also add other additional author.It also contains an option to choose on who will see your blog and you need to set it as public