Affiliate programs are designed  to offer multiple income streams to make their affiliates make money from different sources and this is why most are very successful and so are their affiliates. In this article we learn ways one can multiply their earnings and become a successful affiliate marketer.

One of the ways one can earn from affiliate marketing is by completing simple actions in the site, these action depend on the affiliate program you are enrolled to, most affiliate have a section called the to do list which is in form of point-able actions, which are activities that you are required to perform to earn points which intern are converted to cash. This points could be daily,weekly or even  monthly and you also get rewards like gifts to redeem, free custom domains and even daily draws for cash.

The other common way to add your income in affiliate marketing is by promoting products, normally these are products listed on the affiliate programs, each program has its products and each product has a different commission,cheap products have low commissions where as expensive products have higher commissions.

When one promotes these products with there affiliate links and convert to sales you earn a commission, if the buyer purchases any other product you still earn and subsequent products, but some affiliate you only get commissions for the product you promoted. i have written before about how to promote affiliate products you can check out and find ways to do this.

The third way to earn money from affiliate programs is by sponsoring or duplication or in simpler terms referring others to be affiliates. if you refer someone to affiliate program they become your permanent referral and you earn from all their activities.if they refer others you still make a percentage of commissions from their earnings, with this method you can recruit the best and sit back forever earning until they stop being active  affiliates.

The above are the main ways one can earn from an affiliate program.However,there are other supplemental forms of income which could be referring small business companies to list their products to that programs and still make some commissions from these actions.You can also make money from being an active member or having achieved a certain level or acting as an advertiser for a given program.with all these ways done effectively you can make hundreds of   thousands with affiliate marketing.