Every blogger online think about SEO and link building to increase their organic traffic and boost their presence online to be successful in their specific niches. Many bloggers though have their own unique ways to maximize their traffic and some of these ways are as outlined below;

The first method to use is to carry out a research on on the methods your competitors use and how effective they work for them, go ahead and do some analysis and pick the best SEO and link building strategies they use to get traffic. 

Guest blogging has been used for a long time now and people tend to imagine it does not work anymore, this is not true here is how you can do , do an outreach to your competitors develop a formal relationship, then ask them to write a content if they agree then go ahead and put your best then ask to be a frequent writer at least once monthly.

Blog commenting is another way to increase your SEO and link building skills, there is a way one can do this and still get good results when commenting on someones blog its important to read the articles, then provide ideas, suggestion or fresh thoughts this will earn you credit and one will link back to your site for more info.

Great content matters in link building, this has to be original content people want to associate themselves with good quality ideas that not everybody knows, writing an in-depth article will get people to link to your site and people will link to you.

There are various tools online to do research,one can find a great article from a competitor and find broken links within the page, do more research on the article then write a better one and asked to be replaced in the broken link do this severally and you earn great quality backlinks.

When you write a great content find other blogs that are doing well and link to them this will not automatically link to your site but when you provide your readers with great information they will link back to you.

Helping people find and solve their problems really works much for you in link building, this works as referral find forums that people need help give solutions and people will link back to you as reference for more information earning quality backlinks.

One can use webmaster tools to find the most searched topics and write posts on similar to those ones and earn even more visitors to your site.

Its good to contact you email list and find out what your readers think about your blog and put there suggestion in to mind and update your post then let them know of the changes by doing this you will build a good relationship and people will want to link back to you.

Improve the speed of your site and write posts that are relevant to readers,if your post is irrelevant no one will want to link back to you.social media is also a great way to  to build links to your site and increase traffic learn to apply these methods and improve your SEO and link building and you will eventually grow your site.