Google analytics and webmaster tools are the most important information that you will ever need to analyze your performance as a blogger.These tools are provided by Google and are free to use all you need is a Google account and a site to register. Sign up to these tools register your site and you will be provided with a code with which you will link to your sites. Once your site has been approved you will be able to view all the statistics based on real time performance.

How does one use these tools to improve their  blogging careers? when you access your  Google analytics  you will have to click on reporting here you will find a various section including dashboard, shortcuts, intelligence Events, real time, acquisition,behavior and conversion.

All these tools are important but the most important tools are intelligence events under intelligence events you will find data about your site in daily, weekly and monthly events. Under real time you will find  information about your traffic sources,keywords,top referral and top pages this will help you in deciding the areas that you are good at and focus on those areas to increase traffic to your site.

The next section is the audience section where you will find all information about where your audience come from,the percentages of your new visitors and returning visitors, country and methods they used to view your site, all these information does not need much interpretation as they are straight forward and one can make decisions by just looking at them.

Acquisition section will provide you with traffic search engine optimization among other information that will help you understand your traffic better and what visitors were searching in your site to enable you see what your target market wants an write more posts based on their demand.

Lastly the behavior section which contains information about your content, speed, search among other tools that will help you understand the growth of your site and make important decisions.Webmaster tools provide more information about search appearance, traffic, index and crawl information that will improve your growth and site. The information contained in Google analytics and webmaster will help you determine pages that bring traffic,those that need to be updated to increase visitors,posts that did well,those that didn’t, and much information on your site, Google analytics and webmaster tools also play a great role in getting appoval