A few weeks back i came across an important aspect of blogging that will work in improving your visibility in the search engines and as well increasing traffic to your site.What caught my attention is without a sitemap only about 26 of your recent posts are visible to the search engines. As a blogger i asked myself if i have over a hundred posts on my blogs this means that most of my sites are not visible. To solve this  problem so that all my posts are included in the search engines i had to have a sitemap of my blog.

Sitemaps are easily created there are  tools online which are used to create sitemaps for all your blogs and with just a click, how interesting is this, what you need to do is to enter the URL of your site and click to create your sitemap, an example of the structure of a sitemap is like this “atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500″. But depending on your your site map could be different so its advisable to create your own sitemap.

After creating your sitemap you will need to go to your blogger account on your dashboard click on settings then under search and preference you will find custom robots.txt here you will enable yes then on the edit section copy and paste the sitemap you created and click to save changes.By doing this the search engines will now be able to crawl your site by this robots file.

Now you have to add your sitemap to webmaster tools, this is by accessing your webmaster tools site on your dashboard click on add/test sitemap remember you need to only add the file as shown in the above example of the structure of a sitemap. Submit your sitemap and you are ready to go now your site will be crawled and indexed and you can view the information about your site pages.

One thing you have to put in mind is you have to use this tools after you understand how they are supposed to be used be warned that wrong use of a sitemap may harm you so follow the steps carefully if you have any questions or suggestion please feel free to give your opinion in the comment section.