Guest posting is writing a blog or an article for other bloggers with the aim of exposing your site to new audience.This is highlighted on my earlier post on guest posting and in this article i want to illustrate or show how to accomplish this successfully.

The first step to start guest posting is to identify topics that you are good at and finding bloggers writing on that niche and simply request professionally to write an article about a topic that you are good at.

After you have been accepted  to write a guest post, you are expected to do a wide research on the topic and come up with an original content which is insightful and layout the points clearly, edit for grammatical errors and proper construction of sentences.

It is important to use images relevant to the post that you are writing about naming it with keywords related to the topic and giving credit where necessary but its advisable  to use your own image.

Submit your article for review with one or two links about your best blogs once it has been approved and linked back its good to give your acknowledgement since it as you who is building your reputation an not doing a favor to the person you are writing for.

Writing guest post for other blogs will build your reputation out there and increase your online presence as well as boost backlinks to your site which increase visitors to your site and grow your business as a blogger

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