Google+ can be a good way to promote your blog and increase traffic to your blog and yet very few people use this method. Google+ is a free tool provided by Google and with a Google account you can join the Google+ community.

To start using blogger you can access your blogger dashboard and just below the comments you have a Google+ section click on it it will take you to a page where you can choose to share your posts automatically to Google+ and also change your blogger settings to use Google+ profile.

After doing this you can introduce yourself on Google+ using your blogger URL and also add links to your blog on Google+ this way anybody accessing your profile can find your blogs with ease and interact with your posts.

By doing all these steps you are introducing yourself out there as a Google+ author and your posts will have a unique professional look.

Whenever you post on your blog your posts will appear on Google+ and within Google+ there are circles within which you can add people and group them into various circles and share your content targeting audience on Google + circles. Your post could be shared with people on other circles hence increasing your audience.

Besides circles  there are Google+ communities there are so many communities under different niches depending on your niche you could add communities that are related to your niche or develop your community though its time consuming, this is like a huge market place for people who have similar ideas and a perfect place to interact and promote your blogs and product.

Its also good to use Hashtags when posting commenting and sharing to emphasize the topic and attract only interested parties to the niche you are writing about. Google+ also has a webinar which is known as hangout this can be a very great tool that will increase your viewership attract more visitors to your articles and you could also post your hangout in YouTube for more exposure. Encourage your viewers to share your content to others to increase visibility. Good luck in using Google+ to promote your blogs and businesses.