There are a few of SEO tools that are essential to every blogger, these tools have a great  impact on your SEO hence every blogger MUST use as a prerequisite in key decisions on your blog. You may have come across them and now this article add some information about about how they matter to you.

Meta tags is one important aspect your blog, in simple terms meta tags are what describe what is contained in the content of a page. These are found in the page from the title,keywords and the body of the page.meta tags work when they are used correctly and manifest in the content of your page this will help search engines to describe the content of your page and easily crawls to your site when someone uses similar meta tags as the ones used in your content.

The second tool is reciprocal links, these are links in your blog that links to other blogs either directly or indirectly, there are guidelines to use when  linking to other blogs, according to Google these links could harm your site when they are not carefully used.However, when they are used to guide the reader to find more information about the subject in discussion and relevant material related to that topic this helps to increase the visibility of your content.

Page rank is another tool to use to know whether your site is growing  though some people may argue it is not important is not true. People compete in everything and want to know how they are doing it does not stop when it comes to blogging page rank will help you to analyze your business as a blogger. Page rank is the summation of all page rank incoming links over links in your site.

Other factors that play a role in page ranking include The topic, position,anchor text, relevance amongst other factors.

Broken links in your site also play a big role in SEO ensure that you check for broken links in your site often to replace them or write a better post and get back links to your site to increase the traffic and improve your SEO.

Lastly, the speed of your page is very important i wrote about this in my previous posts the speed at which your blog loads should be fast and there are many ways to increase the speed of your blog including optimizing images among many other ways.