Some people never realize how big the art of blogging is probably  most are in it to make money, the bad thing is you can never make that money if you are not equipped with appropriate skills, on the other hand you could make hundreds of dollars from blogging the right way.

In this article i want to show you how you can increase your income to hundreds of thousands doing what you are supposed to do aside from just creating content and posting to your blog.

1.The first and important thing to do is think like an entrepreneur, you are not just a blogger but this is your business, truth be told you can make more money from your blog than your days job, your blog should not be a part time strategy but a full time business venture.Always remember your visitors are your potential customers.

2.As a newbie blogger your aim should not be to make sales this is because you can not sale to buyers who are not there or do not exist remember your visitors or subscribers are your potential customers.You should spend most of your time attracting more and more visitors. there are very many ways to increase traffic to your blog. some are on my earlier posts, common way is to offer freebies to your customers. Until when you have a huge market that is your subscribers and visitors is when you start to sell your products. This takes time but once you are established its worth every moment you invested.

3.Another important strategy in marketing your blog is to measure the value of your efforts, from the time you take to write a post to the time you spend in promoting and the returns that your blog makes,why is this necessary? you will realize in offline business there is something called book keeping which is basically keeping records of how you carry out your daily activities to assist you in making important business decisions. The same way with your online business you need to keep records to know which methods work best and those that don’t, Google provide these tools for free.

4.Before you start promoting products on your blog you need to build a rapport with your subscribers, you don’t just start selling your products to anyone, your customers have to feel they can trust you first and to establish this form of a relationship online is buy offering people solutions to problems, you may have realize most blogs have how tos form of posts, these service posts build trust and reputation. After you have build trust now you can go ahead and offer your products.

5.Use social media sites as a form to increase traffic to your site and subscription instead as opposed to using them to make sales. However, social media can be used when you are sharing your content from your blog, unlike just posting products directly, this is why whenever a potential customer is interested with a product the customer will click on your profile to know who you are and in the case your blog information is missing it won’t be taken into consideration as that post which is detailed with information about the product owner.

6. Research has it that most products are sold through webinars, its necessary that you learn how to conduct a webinar and skills to pitch your products, this process will  increase your sales 5 times than your normal ways of promoting you products.

7.Providing more information works very well in promoting products just as in writing a longer content in blogs gives you more exposure by search engines.write all the information you can find on a product so that there are no questions to be asked and a customer should feel satisfied with your information.

8.The most important tool any marketer will tell is your email list,probably you may have learn t or heard of people talking about the money is in the list, its simple as it is your customers is the email list that you own.treat them as your customers interact with them offer them advice and when you have a product inform them about it since they are you best option to convert sales.

9.Selling a product is actually satisfying the need or a problem someone has, when you are writing a review about a product its always important to write a review that will solve a problem that existed on your customer and you should not pitch to inform your customers that they  had a problem they had no idea about it will not sell.

10.Lastly from your experiences share with others your results what has worked better for you online is a very large market and don’t have the mentality that if you share the knowledge you have acquired people will steal your market share no this is not the case there is enough for every one. share this post if you liked it and feel free to give your opinions. 

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