I wrote a post earlier about SEO strategies that help to increase your traffic and the speed that your blog is loading was among my points and the reason was if your blog takes more time to load a visitor wont wait for it to load and will move to a much faster site.

In this post am going to show you a few ways you can use to increase the speed of your site to load more faster.

The first method is to ensure you have a reliable host, when choosing host for your site you need to choose a server that has no downtime and offers or provides support whenever you need them, this will increase the speed at which your site loads.

The other way you can use to increase the load time of your blog is by optimizing images by compressing and ensuring you don’t alter the image quality, and renaming your image as per the post you are writing about, there are also plugins that load the image as you read and are very efficient in solving this problem.

It is also important to invest in a quality theme often free themes are not coded properly and may affect the way your site is going to load. choose themes from trusted and reputable individuals these themes are effective and delivers according to your needs and the important one is speed.

Many posts on your homepage affect the speed of your blog you will need to reduce posts on your homepage and instead use pages and labels to guide readers to navigate easily on your blog this will increase the load time of your blog.

Avoid using more ads on your pages as this may also reduce the speed of your blog have a plan on how to place your ads and still make the most out of them.

Identify your money pages these are those pages in your site that are viewed more than others ensure perform the above tips on those pages to make them load even faster.Also remove unwanted plugins as they greatly reduce the speed of your blog.

Use java scripts at the bottom of your blogs as opposed to the top because they affect your loading time this java scrips for sharing to other sites and related scripts.Reduce the speed of your blog with these basic solutions and improve your traffic and visitors to your site.