Labels in blogger is a good way to make your blog look presentable, and easy to navigate through your blog post. Labels are used in blogger basically to group or otherwise classify whatever that your niche is all about.

To try and break this or to clarify more take this example, when you walk into a supermarket of course we all know that a supermarket is a big store that sells a wide range of goods and sometime services, now in a supermarket you will not find these commodities just placed haphazardly. For instance you wouldn’t find detergents in one place with groceries or stationery along with paints.

You will find that though this commodities are under one roof they are grouped for one reason that is to help a consumer to find the products with ease, the same way as a supermarket your blog has to be labeled according to the information you provide to your readers, in this blog you will notice the blog title is Making Money Online but making money online involves quite a bit of some other aspects from programs or sites, process and useful information and that is why in my blog the labels are blogging tips, making money and marketing.

So how do you create labels on your blogger, when you are writing a post you will always see a list on the right side of your editing page, the first item is labels then followed by schedule, permalink,location,search description and options.

When you click on labels you can add the labels based on your blog and what you want them to be then ensure you separate them with commas, then you can publish your article but for the labels to appear you will have to go to your blogger dashboard on the menu list click on layout then add gadget depending on the position you want from there you can add labels which will open a dialogue box fill in the information depending on your preferences then save.

After saving you can preview your updated settings and you should be able to have labels appear on your blog, now whenever you are writing a blog you just have to click on the labels and that is all you cant go back to layout again unless you want to edit a fresh, kindly share if it has helped you.