Pages are very different from labels or categorize and most people mistake when it comes to editing the structure of your blog. Pages are used to show references in your blog. In my earlier post i wrote about labels which i defined as arranging your posts in groups according to topics you write about.

Pages on the other hand  are used in a blog to show references about your blog, some of the pages every blogger should have are About page,Contact page, FAQ, Privacy policy and many others it actually depend on what you address but a few are somewhat mandatory.

So how do you create pages on your blog? actually is very simple you need to access your account then on your dashboard there is pages icon click on it write what you want seen in your page if you writing about page edit then publish do this for subsequent titles of your page and you are done.

After publishing go to your layout page and add gadget, a dialogue box will open then edit according to your preferences then save, now after you have saved the pages will appear on your blog.

The main aim for pages is that they give information about yourself as a blogger and what you are writing about, and how you use that information or the information you collect from your subscribers.

Some people recommend pages as a requirement  for you to get approval by Google Adsense and it could affect your chances of being for the reason that readers have to build a relationship with a blogger, think of it like a lecturer or speaker who does not introduce him/herself to their audience or otherwise provide contact information so as a beginner or guru bloggers its advisable to have pages on your blog. Feel free to add insightful information, opinions and questions and share if the post helpful.