Pages are necessary in the structure of every blog.Pages work when for bloggers who use them in the write ways and pages can be used to increase your subscribers only when done properly.Think of going to the market in bikinis people wont take you serious rather a mad person but if you wear the same bikini at the beach everyone at the beach will be comfortable with you. With that example pages can be used to describe a particular website or blog.

There are many types of blog pages but there are those that are common to almost every blogger and in this post we look at some of the most common pages.

1.About Page.

This is the first place that every reader or subscriber will come to your blog because they want to associate themselves to you and find a sense of belonging. This is the page where you introduce yourself mentioning what you can do and achieved or can offer to your readers.

2.Contact Us/Me Page.

This is the page that lets you interact with your readers and subscribers , this page provides you with an opportunity to develop a relation by offering the readers  a form of contact so that they can ask questions, make inquiries.This helps the reader to trust you and have a good relationship therteafter.

3.Privacy Policy.

Privacy policy is a page that provides you with a chance to inform your subscribers how you collect information, how you use the information you have collected and how the information is stored or managed by the website this is in relation to processing payments, servicing ads and email subscription.

4.Landing Page.

Landing pages basically is the page that has key points to a product which redirects to the main page where the content is mostly used in displaying ads or subscription form. Landing pages can be used to promote the blog through newsletter subscription programs.

5.Advertise Page.

Advertise pages are pages where the website owners sell advertising services on their blogs, this helps in attracting targeted subscribers as they will know what your site offers.

6.FAQ Page.

Frequently asked questions is a page that enables those with inquiries or problems an easy way to find information that is commonly asked or it has been tackled before, this provides good support and quite effective in solving problems of your subscribers.