About us page is the page that will help you to drive traffic to your website and increase your subscription as mentioned in my previous post. There is a page that will work for you and that that will not work for you, in this post we try to solve that problem by giving you tips on how to come up with the best about us page.

 Some bloggers may argue that no matter how good your about page is and your blog is an a free platform it will not work for you but i personally disagree with this notion since whether your blog is self hosted or free what matters is the brand you are creating that is what the about page is all about.

The about us page should describe the brand you are selling to your viewers hence the message has to be clear and precise.

Write about your achievements,experience and how you became successful with what you are offering or let your readers know how you can help them solve their problems with information you are providing to them.

Giving first hand experience about successes helps to build a good and trustworthy relationship.People will always want to be associated with successful people or rather people who understand the subject matter they are trying to share with others.

When writing an about us page think of your target market if you are wring about marketing strategies let them know that all the solutions to their marketing strategies are found within your blog and they should not search further.Make the reader want to subscribe to your blog from your about us page.

When using images in your about us page use quality images which depict the brand you are promoting if its about fishing you could have your picture in the art of fishing as it will give more confidence that you really understand and can therefore go ahead and trust you.

Providing proof of your achievement in form of awards or events you have organized before are also essential in obtaining that confidence from your readers.

All these information should answer who you are, what you have done and how you intend to help others become successful in your niche, fell free to add more ways to come up with a great  about us page, ask questions am always at your service to help you anytime, Write a great about us page today.