Social media marketing is one of the best marketing tools available to everyone at the moment.Social media has a huge following and almost everyone has an account if not several,this has made marketing easier and you can promote your business at a small fee as well as free.However, its not just about spamming social sites with your content, its good to learn the social aspects and that is not just posting content its about engaging each other with info,help those with problems,participate in conversations, share ideas let people build a relationship with you and they will come in huge numbers to your site and whatever it is that you are promoting will start receiving huge traffic. Giving out freebies is another way to attract people to your business this can be done in many forms, you an conduct an offer for the first people to perform a certain task get to have some form of gift, could be digital products or additional products depending on your kind of business. All these products could then link back to your business, you can donate stationary to some department with your website information,donate football equipment to a local club with your logo and links. Another effective strategy is by printing flyers and brochures these flyers and brochures can be a great way you could and this is how you use them,whenever you use a public transport system be it a train or a bus to work and from you can leave some on the bus or train for people to find then or talk to a convenient store near you that many people frequently use ask them to give their customers your flyers and brochures bare in mind that you will not be accepted if you are promoting products that compete with the store. Conduct seminars,talk shows,motivational speeches and reference to your business, these are places where people with same interests meet to network and share ideas this is one place that could drive targeted traffic to your site. Whenever you send out emails use a signature that redirects people to your website,share your business card among your peers. participate in writing free articles to interested magazines and newspapers publishing about your niche market.This includes writing guest posts on blogs and press releases. One can also approach media houses to feature you in their segment that is about your niche. All these are very simple tools that will increase and promote your business in enormous ways. Feel free to suggest other ways of making much out of low cost marketing strategies or questions regarding this post and don’t forget to share help someone out there to help others, looking to hear from you.