Backlinks for a period of time have been the most important tool in building a great SEO. But most people don’t realize backlinks are not just backlinks,a backlink has to be of a good quality and relevance to your site.So how does one differentiate between a good backlink and a bad backlink? from the basic knowledge about backlinks you will realize that search engines use the quality of your backlink to enable search queries give your site more exposure than a site which has no backlinks or poor baclinks. In simple words backlinks are more like endorsements by other sites which builds a great reputation and your site gets more exposure from this process, in the resent past many people have come up with software that can ping or blast your site to thousands of site in the name of building backlinks for you.Think it this way if at all that was the case then everyone would have access and what would the search engines give more exposure? that would make backlinks useless to search engine. But backlinks are very important and the thousands of links you get are more like useless you can tell this by using the webmaster tools there you will find reports about your site and quality backlinks will be indexed to your webmaster tools but those thousands will not and the bad news is your site will have a bad reputation and could be banned from search engines. Having said that there are however a number of ways you can develop quality backlinks that are safe to use with search engines.These methods are not only follow with the guidelines of backlinks but are quite effective and spme are as follows; First identify sites that have high PR and not just that the site has to be related to your site then read through some of the article and place your comments or ideas about the subject in the comment section some offer you a place to add you link and if your message is approved it will earn you more visitors and that link will be indexed by webmaster tools by Google as a quality backlink. Another easy way to earn quality backlinks is by identifying those sites with high PR that are related to your site and find broken links there are tools to make this easier then write to the owner of the site let them know about the broken link and also inform them that you have quality topics about the subject and could link back to your site. this is a great way to build quality links. When you do this processes remember to increase your backlinks you have to target .gov and .edu sites you might have heard about this before this sites offer the most quality backlinks but not all unless the subject in discussion is related to your sites or about profiles. Aside from that a great original content will also earn you backlinks as people look for good quality content and this will give you an edge to earn baclinks. So don’t be duped to getting easy backlinks learn to build quality backlinks its better to have 50 quality baclinks than having thousands of useless backlinks. if you find this post informative please share and add ideas in the comment section or questions regarding this post.