Every blogger and marketers always asks this question on just how effective can one create a social media workflow? The answer to this question can be answered from different perspective and still achieve the right solutions.

All these perspective involves the structure, content,distribution time amongst many others. The structure of your post on social media should be captivating to your readers or your target audience,putting in mind correct grammar and punctuations including relevant images to make the interested parties to look for more content.Use different forms when posting and avoid posting the same content often.

How much content you post to your site also matters in that if your intention is to attract more customers to your site then you should post in a manner that your reader will want to look for more information on your blog.

Consequently. this seems to be a problem to most affiliate marketers when promoting their products they give all the details instead of leaving some important information for their readers to find on their own. For instance you could use a feature that is unique from other products that will create curiosity to your target audience and luckily they will find time to learn more.

Remember you are solving a problem that exists not creating one and intending to solve it. Social media are social platforms and that’s why people are signed up to socialize not to shop.

In that concept of socializing on can come across something that they need that’s why big companies have started to show more of their presence online.

When you socialize you are promoting your brands but if you are a small growing business you need your readers to trust you that you can solve their problems thus its a must for you to interact with your followers and not just posting posts after posts.

The time to post on social media really in my opinion does matter unless you are the only person your readers follow this is because social media are like news feed if someone posts at 7am the you log in at 10am you might not come across that feed unless you check for it manually.

However, to avoid posting the same content its advisable to alternate between your old and recent posts this way your content will be distributed well over a period of time.

Social media takes time and my advise is that you join a few social sites and master them unlike juggling through many platforms. Many people prefer to do this by using scheduling apps which is will depend on your budget.

However, there are those free apps that will help you start off and you can schedule your posts for weeks but space them so as to not spam. I once used a scheduling app and placed my ads after every hour and my readers told me at some point that they were tired of seeing my posts every hour so i changed and distributed them over several hours and solved that issue.

Remember your posts have to be relevant and interesting if you plan to show them on social media frequently and target your readers.Let me know what you think about this post looking forward to hear from you.