The question in my head is just how does one get verification from bing on blogger? i applied for an Adsense account a while back but then i got disapproved because i had violated this error ‘’,now let me take you back to the process of verifying ownership on bing.Before i explain the process i understand that with Adsense you can still get paid no matter where the visitors come from. The first thing when submitting your site to bing webmaster tools you will be required to enter the URl of the site that you want to be indexed on bing search engine. when you submit you will be redirected to sign up and verify your account to bing webmaster tools. Once one has signed up you will need to submit a sit map for your site, there are site maps that are accepted in bing add the sitemaps for bin to crawl through all your blog posts. Now you will be required to verify your if you are the owner of the site that you registered so as to get started using bing webmaster tools there are three options provided to you the first option is to “Place an XML file on your web server” this is by downloading BingSiteAuth.xml then uploading the file to then confirming that the it has been uploaded by clicking the above link to your browser, this option is not available for blogger users since that file is supposed to be placed in the root directory which you cannot acess. The second method is by placing a tag in your default page the tag looks something like this this code is to be copied and pasted just below the header before your content in the HTML section on your blogger account by accessing your dashboard then template settings then click on HTML and paste the code after this you can verify from your bing webmaster tools and it will be verified. if it doesn’t verify you need to repeat the same process. The third option is to add CNAME record to DNS this process is not normally used i understand its because the first two methods are easier to use an verify your site. When i applied for the Adsense i got disapproved for the error i mentioned in the beginning of this article and i went back tried all sorts of combination to to get the error gone but it remained the way it is however my bing webmaster tools is verified i don’t understand what has to be done but if you understand how to get this error kindly advice in the comment section and other ways of solving this error is highly welcome looking forward to checking your different methods of going about it.