somebody said we are humans and we are bound to make mistakes in our every day to day activities but it is also human to start over and still be able to achieve the desired intentions.Having said that how many people do you think make mistakes online? or have made mistakes at a given point? there are thousands an thousands if not millions. The first mistake people make online is not planning they said if you don’t plan you probably are planning to fail in a school setting there is a time table that guides both students and teachers and that is what runs the school without it it would be very hard for a school to learn likewise if you are intending to start a blog or a business you have to plan and be able to see the end results without even starting your business. The second mistake many people make me included is having an idea that has not yet been executed Steve jobs once said great artist are those who steal an idea and make more out of it, this is what you should be doing i have had many ideas before and later i see somebody who has executed that idea and making cool money out of it the idea was having a club or a party where there is no loud music by providing people with headphones that use Bluetooth so that music is played from one source but everyone in that setting is listening and dancing to the same music how cool,about a year after i saw it being implemented and felt so bad that was supposed to be me but anyway am trying to show you how you can avoid making mistakes of having ideas in limbo. Execute your ideas grow and become big,if Google was an idea today it wouldn’t exist and it does because it was well executed. The third mistake most people make online is trying to create a problem and provide solutions for the same,You have to solve existing problems, there is a demand for solutions to our everyday problems but there is no demand for problems that do not exist.When you start your business its only fair to you and the business that you carry out enough research about the target market and the solutions you intend to offer before starting the business, learn emerging trends and modify your business to suit the same. For your business to grow and become a big brand stop xeroxing on other peoples content produce original content, will smith can be your role model but you cant be him just like yourself there will never be another person like you so offer people content that is different from other peoples, Originality sales very first and as much as its original it also has to be of good quality. When you begin a business today your intentions have to be true for example you cant start a restaurant hoping people will come play cricket no one does that know the process that takes to achieve whatever it is that you intend to achieve follow what is supposed to be done in that sector a friend of mine always says that if you want to be millionaires do,start a business with clear expectations. Passion is another thing people never get, if you want to become a blogger you have to create time to research and write if you have no time and cannot create that is not what you are supposed to be doing, passion works well with people who have fun in what they do and still make a living out of it, most people who work just because they want to make ends meet and pay bills there performance is very low so make sure you love what you do. The last mistake people do is think that they can do somethings just by themselves we are in this world for a reason and helping each other become successful is one, share ideas with your peers, network with your competitors see what they do that helps them try different ways of doing things and you will certainly achieve good results.