Template is the structure or organization of your blog or presentation, this matters a lot since by now we all know the cliche ‘first impression matters’ and for some whether its a cliche the point is not yet home. The way you present your blog to your readers to make them appreciate and want more from it depends on how your blog looks, some use images, some use titles and some its just the structure of the blog.

In this post i am going to take you down the road of the art of seducing your readers with the structure of your blog using the templates. In blogger we have a section on your dashboard almost at the bottom which is the template.Here you are provided with various template designs and options to customize depending on your preferences which solely depends on your niche.

There are templates that relate to different aspects of blogging for instance one may be blogging about Business,Games, Software, Health matters, Food and many other topics and you will agree with me that  a Business blog structure would not be as that of Food or Games, And for these reasons you need to be able to present your blog in a manner that its easily identifiable with your readers.

Blogger provides you with a section to manipulate this information including adjusting width, length, background and  different aspects and if this is not working for you, one could also download free templates from other developers online. What you need to do is to search and find templates that you want, download the template to your hard drive ensure to extract the files if they are zipped.

Once you have extracted the files log in to your blogger account then once on your dashboard click template on the window that opens on the top right side you will see  a back up and restore button click on it and a pop up window will appear, now you will back up your template and simply upload the xml file that you extracted from the zipped file of the template you downloaded and click save, once its successful you can go ahead and edit the layout from your dashboard and have a good looking template that suits your blogging niche.

Some of the best free templates can be found from btemplates.com, templateify.com, mybloggerthemes.com and duluxetemplates.com and if you wont be able to find the one that suits your niche one can always purchase or ask to be constructed a template that will work for you.

With a good looking template and design you will be able to attract more readers and improve your SEO, if you have any suggestion please feel free to comment and looking forward to know what you think of this post.