A great SEO will help you build and grow your blog and become a successful blogger. These 10 SEO strategies for will also increase your visibility in search engines and improve your organic traffic.SEO is part of management of your blog and its very necessary for every blog.

The first SEO strategy is to create Original content search engines love and will always crawl on content that is original and and also longer content, you need to do enough research and create longer contents with insightful information in a point form.

The second strategy is keyword density.Many people don’t understand this strategy thus losing instead of making good use of keywords to grow your SEO, the keyword you decide to use in your blog must manifest itself through out your content. This way your content has a good chance appearing in the search engines depending on the keyword used to search the content on your blog or web.

When using Meta tags, its also important to do a good research as meta tags will help search engines to identify your titles  in your blog but not commonly use. Remember one has to have a good knowledge and understanding of meta tags before using them, lack of proper knowledge on meta tags may affect your blog negatively.

When using images in your blog its also important that you name the image using keyword or in a way that best describes the content of that post, this is because search engines also use image to search for content and this is something ignored by many people but it is a very good and effective method. As a newbie blogger you should learn this skills to inprove your SEO.

Blogger titles also play a major role in SEO learn to know how your competitors come up with there titles do a search on the web of your intended title alternate it in different forms and pick the titles that have less number in terms of all the search that comes this means that its not as competitive as others but you can still use a title that is competitive in terms of keyword if you have great content on your blog.

Labels on your blog is also a strategy to use to improve your SEO by posting titles related to the label that you have placed your content, Your blog labels also help your readers to navigate through your blog to find a specific post on related to subject.

Using customize permalink is also a great tool to improve your SEO, permalink is the url that will be shown when one opens that page, we have automatic permalink and customized permalink, automatic permalink will contain joining words but when customizing you should remove the joining words to remain with title of the blog which then acts as keyword in search engines.

When interacting with your readers in the comment section ensure that you increase your keyword density in your comments and moderate to remove spam comments which may not work for your blog and allow only those that work towards improving your SEO.

After posting your content  that is not the end of it make sure that you re post the same content on your social media sites often. this way you are popularizing your post out there and not spamming this way it brings more readers to the site and increasing your returning visitors.

Post more articles when you start blogging this enables readers to have more content to navigate through and also boosts your SEO unlike posting once a week or twice, my last point is use a sitemap of your blog, to increase the content of your articles in the search engine, most bloggers who don’t use sitemaps you will realize that only a few of their recent content will be visible to search engines, nut you would want all your content to be visible to increase your chances of increasing your readers to solve this you need to use sitemaps in your sites , let me know how you build your SEO as a newbie blogger.