Bloggers who use a free platform when it comes to blogging are seen to miss a advantages offered when you are using a custom domain. however, getting your own domain is very easy as you need to buy one from providers at a very cheap rate usually monthly or even on annual basis.

Custom domain helps you gain some advantage over free blogging platform for the reasons am going to explain in this article. The first reason is Branding, with a free blog you don’t enjoy your own brand as your blog is almost similar to many other blogs but when you have a custom domain name that is unique people will identify themselves with your blog, just like multimillion companies such as Apple, Samsung, and other companies attract their customers by using their brand name the same way your blog has to work in the manner the companies above have build their companies over time.

Another reason is web promotion, free blogging platform are seen as newbies whether you have been online for longer period of time and whenever you share your content its not given that much recognition as people tend to imagine you are trying regardless of insightful content  on your blog, Social media sites are supposed to endorse your blog to other people but your links could put off some people hence ignoring your content at the first impression.

We have all come across this idea that if you want to be a serious blogger you have to have a custom domain name this is very true, in the life cycle of blogging one would not want to invest in blogging and they opt to use free blog to try and see how things will turn and for this reason most people wont take you serious thats why people advice serious bloggers to use a custom domain name.

To improve your SEO custom domain will help you to increase your link building as a strategy you may have noticed that its hard for people to link back to you when using a free domain and this hurts your business when you are supposed to have earn good backlinks if you had a custom domain which relates to your brand.

Custom Domain are cheap to  get, its only a few bucks each month and returns on investment is higher compared to the purpose it serves, the advantages are more than the few bucks you will spend each month for your custom domain name,I am in the process of getting my custom domain name to enjoy these advantages i didn’t think matter to me but after enough reaserch i have realized how valuable they are to a blogger who wants to enjoy the success of blogging.