What is Content and at the same time what is originality? most newbie bloggers have a difficult time in trying to differentiate between a good content and original content.In this post i will elucidate on this point to assist  many people that were in the same situation as was in before.

First content can be defined as any piece of text, image or video material that is provided to serve a certain
purpose for instance one can say the content in today’s news was well researched, that is in relation to a specific media it could be in newspapers, article, flyers, brochures but in this case we are focusing on content created by bloggers. Where as original Content is simply content that has never been created before or it could be defined as your own perception of certain events or ideas. However, if a group of people are tasked to come up with  content on a specific topic what it means is that all the material will be provided by each individual is original content.

Lets take an example of bloggers, when you search online for content on how to make money online you will notice on your search engine that there are millions of posts related to this niche or the keyword used, if you clicked on say two or three you will realize that authors are talking about one topic but different ideas and  that translates to different original content.

As a newbie blogger you can write something that has already been written but in a way that is not the same as what is written by another blogger. Take an example of education there are millions of schools in the world and they all educate students but the content they are teaching differ from one school to another, hope we are on the same page.

The above example then elucidates that just because a blogger has written about backlinks then you should not write about backlinks there isn’t any monopoly of topics, one blogger once said that if you wrote a topic that has been written before how do you expect visitors to come to your blog when they have already read what you are writing now? my answer to this question is it does not mean because people have read that content no other person will read it, the internet has millions of people searching for information and researching day in day out and there is a share for everyone. If a student was in a first year engineering class this year the following year another student will be in that first year engineering class and probably with another lecturer and even more content.

As a blogger you should understand that its a competition among other bloggers writing content as yours and you should be smart by looking at what your competitors have produced and produce even a better  content by researching what has been done and how you can add your ideas and come up with a great work that will provide useful information. Don’t be afraid to blog do enough research and come up with original content.