What are the reasons why you blog? Most people are always reluctant when you mention that you are  blogging money, this does not mean that you have lost purpose and you only want to make money. We can all agree that the ultimate goal is to make money. Making Money Online is a legit niche in blogging. However, some people blog for personal reasons still many people blog for money, whether you are blogging about food, software’s, Fishing, Fashion or even Traveling  and your blog is listed on search engine it does not matter if its passion,. Money is a very important aspect when it comes to our day to day activities.

However, making money online is not the only reason why people blog, as i mentioned above people own personal blogs, which are private some just for fun and for some the aim is to provide some form of information out there which could be marketing your brand, reviewing games, promoting products  and other insightful information.

The above reasons are all valid but if your blog is out there you will need the information contained in your blog to be seen by your target readers, what happens when you are blogging and you have no visitors to your site? whether the content is quality and informative it is as good as useless unless its a personal private blog.

When one starts to blog and your intention is to be able to earn a good passive income from your blog, your content becomes another reason, what content are you publishing? who needs that content? is it for entertainment and since it is a business there is always a law in business which is demand and supply, in this case you have to provide information to a particular demand.

This is how it works when one searches on a search engine that is demand for some information lets say the search is ‘how to make money online?’ as a blogger you blog should supply information on how to make money online and depending on how many people will be looking for that information translates to your readers.

Blogging will only work for you if there is a demand of what you are publishing exist unlike some articles i have read before implying that to be a successful blogger you have to blog about a niche that does not exist, but what if there is no one looking for that information? Before you begin blogging its good to answer a few questions that your blog is intending to solve.

Whether your aim is to make money your content has to be quality and has a demand or attract an existing demand, kindly let me know the reasons why you blog, looking forward to know why you blog.share if you liked this post help me reach that demand like you did.