When bloggers start to blog there is an ultimate goal, for some its to pass information could be entertainment, news, sports, blogging tips but there is a reason that almost all bloggers blog that is to make money.However, there are some bloggers whose goal is not money, i know it sounds weird but i have come across blogs where people blog for passion an private reasons.

In this post we look at how to monetize your blog, there are many ways people make money from there blogs and some of those ways include;

1.Network Advertising.
This is a very common way people make money from their blogs all over the world, this method involves publishing content on your blog which is aimed at teaching people how to do certain things,or just news, entertainment,sports and creative writing. When your blog start receiving substantial amount of visitors you can then apply to display ads on your blog from advertising networks such as Google Adsense, Infolinks, Media.net,Chitika and many other network which will place ads on your blog/site and pay you per views and impression on your site.

2.Selling Ad Space.
Selling ad spaces is one of the popular ways of earning money on your blog.This method can make you good money and you can do this hand in hand with Network Advertising, this method works when you have huge visitors to your site, depending on your destination and amount of visitors you can approach companies and sell ad spaces on your blog for a period of time this will make you money from your blog passively without doing so much, note bringing visitors to your site is the REAL job.

3.Affiliate Program.
 Affiliate programs can make you very rich if you learn marketing strategies that is targeted to a specific group of people but any blog can do this, Affiliate programs are huge online stores which act as retail stores here you are provided with promotional tools to promote products of a specific program with your id, when you refer customers through ads on your blogs you earn a commission from it, Different programs have different percentages of commission.

4.Information Product.
Information product is a creative piece of writing in text,audio or video this information is educational in nature and provides solution to problems could be academic or just freelance it can also be the contents of your blog but readers have to purchase the information they seek from you, this is a great way to make money online from your blog.

5.Membership programs.
This is a new way that has started to trend in the recent past whereby you produce content to your blog but this content is available in form of points in the main content which you need to pay in order to access the full content from the publisher of the blog and to get membership of the blog you pay a certain amount of fee for membership privileges.