Many of us want to make the most out of our blogs, and what comes into mind is monetizing your content through ad networks such as, Chitika, info links and the mother of ad networks Google Adsense. However, there are other ways to earn  money from your blog the common one is through Affiliate marketing, and selling ad spacing to other advertisers out there. The problem that affects most of newbie bloggers and some other bloggers is how do you place a banner ad on your blog that will redirect your readers to your landing page?

 In this article we will look at one way you can use effectively to achieve this goal, which is by adding adding an html code of your banner ad to your blog/website.Once you have signed up to an Affiliate program, you will get html codes for banners on your promotional tools, if its for a company, find a professional to code the html code for you.

There are a few sizes that can be accepted to your blog depending on which side you intend to place your ad the common ones include
Skyscraper banners(120×600,160×600)
Short vertical banners(120×200)
Square banners(200×200)
Small rectangular banners(125×125)

With the html code log in to your blogger account;
Click on the blog you want to place the ad if you have several blogs
Then once on your dashboard, click on the layout icon it will open a window then you will see add gadget option.
Click on the add gadget and then scroll down to add the html/javascript
A pop up window opens with option to put a title and your code
Here copy paste the html code and leave the title blank unless you want to name your ad
Click save the you can rearrange your banner add and save then preview to see if it is working then save follow the same steps whenever you want to place banner ads on your blog,
looking forward to know how its working for you and if you have any problems let me help you