We all want to monetize our blogs at one point in time, that point in time could be when you have frequent visitors, but how does it feel to know you can monetize your blog as you grow your income, yes this is very possible.

To monetize your blog through membership you need to create and publish content that has value and importance to subscribers or visitors otherwise no one would pay for something that has no value, once you have valuable content you want to monetize you will then go ahead and rearrange your blog in a manner that those who access your account have to pay some amount to have privileges to access the information you have published.

This way of monetizing your blog will only make you good money if your content is valuable and has demand, the importance of this method is that you will be able to ascertain with clarity the income you are going to generate, for instance if you have 50 people subscribing to your blog in the first month and charging $20   that is $1000 in that month, if you lose a quarter in the second month and add 100 new subscribers you will still make money, with time and how your content is valuable you will be able to make make more money with time.

The method however has has its defects if you monetize content through this method but you have content that is not insightful to your readers of its of no importance you will not make money through this form, it will take you some time to learn learn what people want and be able to provide quality solutions for your readers.

To be able to use this method effectively is by providing informational products and digital products inform of e-books, software s, video and audio files to describe or help solve a problem. Once you have subscription to your blog membership program its always necessary to update content on your blog to provide value for money, otherwise you won’t make much.

In my opinion i prefer this method over some other methods since you can charge according to what you feel your content is worth and i have seen many people try using this method i am currently reaerching on ways best to monetize my blog let me know what you think about this method and some interesting method you may come across.