An Organization has departments within its structures and these departments form the basis of the organizations goal, within an organization there is a Finance department that deals with money, Human resource that deals with staff issues, marketing department and many other departments.

Without one of this departments or failure of one department will result in failure of the whole organization,If your blog is your business there are different departments within it and failure of one your blog will not become successful, these departments within your blog include, identifying your target market, understanding the demand of your target audience,creation of content, marketing your blog,monetizing your blog and many other departments depending on your blog.

If the ultimate goals are not met then it only means that there is a part of your blog that is not functional,Most people think that there are sections of blogging that belong to you and some just fall in place, this isn’t true All sections is up to you and the effort you put in, what am trying to put across is people imagine creating content and wait for readers to just show up.

There is a bigger role in blogging an its not creation of content the bigger department of your blog is marketing your blog, and that is why i said traffic is not on your site, getting traffic means you take your content to your readers and once they know what you provide they will begin to come to your site for more of what you create.Spend most of your time marketing and not producing content, you can’t teach an empty class enroll students then teach them, now its beginning to sound clear right?.

There are ways you can effectively promote your blog without struggling to get traffic, since traffic it overrated in blogging world most people find it as if its some hard programming language, no its not its just steps that you will need to ensure you do to achieve results. These options include being active in forum, identifying what other people are doing, guest posting, blog commenting and even paid traffic including SEO strategies, all these forms are ways to increase your traffic and this process happen AWAY from your blog.

Once your blog is up and running finding traffic should be a continuous process and you should not spend time on our blogs let your visitors spend time on your blog as your look for readers out there, build your brand AWAY from your blog that is where the the traffic is, apply accepted tools of acquiring traffic  and that’s how you will get traffic. Pray, hope and wait without action am sorry that will not get you traffic,if you are interested and great tips to increase your traffic subscribe and increase your traffic easily.