I have been doing some research for a while online about creating a sales funnel or otherwise getting huge traffic to your blog, I have come across many many articles talking about a million secrets of  increasing that traffic to your blog, i too have written some articles based on what i have tried and what works for me.

What is that little secret you use to drive a traffic to your blog, and if it really works for you would you share it with your competitors, I know of huge mentor-ship programs am sure you have attended  some yourselves where people give speeches of what they have already gone through to become successful. From all the events you have attended if no single day you have asked yourself whether some guy is telling the truth or there is some dubious way they used to succeed and will not disclose then you are weird.

I believe what i hear or read but after i analyze the information, someone will ask but how? my answer is very simple, think of it this way if someone  tells you for you to get to Africa from the U.S you will have to fly, you can’t doubt that information but if someone tells you that you can teleport, you will doubt the information.Same way if you want to become an Engineer you know it takes the process of registering to a college, take certain units, pass exams, graduate then you become one. this process is logical.

So back to our topic how many ways do you have in mind or have tried to increase traffic and build a sales funnel? posting great content?, improve your SEO?,build backlinks,use paid traffic? these processes take time and its always hard to analyze your Analytics and webmaster tools if you are a newbie, today i was reading a blog and realized there is one method i had not tried but after reading it i was with no doubt it works. Before i tell you what i found out, i observed something many bloggers do which is creating content and charging for the same content but in a smart way, how smart? giving the preview and offering a full package at a fee. this is very smart because lets be honest i someone provided something good but in small portions my friend you will always want more and this strategy builds trust and reputation hence you will make big bucks from selling what you would have posted for free.

This however, doesn’t work with normal content it works with great unique content, nobody wants cheap things,people pay for quality and people will pay for what they believe to be important. Today i was reading josh’s fan page funnel,What took me to this site is how john moved from nothing to making $100,000 in sales in 7months, how he did it is  just in two simple tricks you can check statistics from his blog. The two key strategies is understanding your target market and marketing.

The two points sound like any other traffic strategy out there but the way this guy does it is just amazing, before he began making money he didn’t know the purpose of his blog, what to write or how to do it, but later he realized that understanding your market is very essential and he didn’t have to invest in marketing when there was no clear indication that he was going to make money, you may have heard people who promote using adwords and other advertising tools but make serious losses, Josh came to know when his customers were available and when to pump money in investment and got profits. josh’s dream is every bloggers dream he did it you can too just learn what your audience need and provide it to them, he also didn’t get traffic he spent money in marketing to make money in sales, don’t be scared to take risks but take calculated risks and boom you will be successful.