We all understand how important email subscription is to our blogs in this age from money is in the list post, in that article it is explained in details why you need an email list. In this post i am going to show you  how you can easily get started and set up your own working email address that will bring your money list to your doorstep.


1.First with  your Google account log in to feedburner.
Once you are in you will find all your feeds, if you don’t have a feed yet you will have to add your feed to feedburner.

2.Now click on your feed which will open another window, here you will find icons starting from analyze,optimize, publicize and troubleshootize.

3.Click on Publicize which will take you to dashboard there you will see services on your left and tips on how to use feeds to your advantages, under service you should see headline animator,buzzboost,email subscription,pingshot,feedcount, socialize and so on.

3.Since we are talking about enabling email subscription click on it and you will be directed to its dashboard where you will get a code scroll to the bottom and activate then you will copythe code log in to your blogger account on your dashboard click on layout then add gadget,add html/javascript paste your code then save and your email subscription is up in action.

Having added your email subscription code you can also manage other tools named above such as feedcount, which shows how many people are subscribed, socialize, helps you to post on your social media account and many other important tools that will help you manage your account professionally.